16 Proprietary Signature Scents

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scent I

Bergamot, Gardenia, Rose, Sandalwood

Scent II

Saffron, Rose, Black Amber, Oak

Scent III

Jasmine, Citrus, Geranium, Patchouli, Black Currant

Scent IV

Freesia, Sea Salt, Blood Orange, Cardamom, Amber

Scent V

Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Herbal, Moss

Scent VI

Grapefruit, Citrus, Amber, Violet, Sandalwood, Cedar

Scent VII

Violet, Freesia, Black Currant, Cedarwood, Cardamom

Scent VIII

Neroli, Saffron, Jasmine, Cedarwood

Scent IX

Patchouli, Oak, Vanilla, Amber, Leather

Scent X

Bergamot, Vanilla, Clove, Cedar

Scent XI

Mandarin, White Tea, Ginger

Scent XII

Rum, Black Tea, Tonka Bean, Birch

Scent XIII

Citrus, Saffron, Herbal, Amber

Scent XIV

Amber, Cedar, Leather, Musk

Scent XV

Smoke, Vanilla, Lavender, Birch

Scent XVI

Smoke, Moss, Palo Santo, Leather

Custom fragrance development

Work with our team to blend your own custom fragrance at no additional cost. Our team will formulate your specific candle scent using our 400+ individual scent notes.

MOQ: 2,000+ candles